Arunachal Pradesh launches Two Agri schemes

Arunachal Pradesh launches Two Agri schemes

Arunachal Pradesh launches Two Agri schemes

Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, Pema Khandu, dispatched two driven plans on September 3, 2021.

One plan was dispatched in farming area, called ‘Atmanirbhar Krishi Yojana’, and

Second plan was dispatched in cultivation area, called ‘Atmanirbhar Bagwani Yojana’.

Both the plans are essential for the Atmanirbhar program that was declared by focal government during the spending meeting of 2021.

Rs 120 crores has been apportioned to Atmanirbhar Krishi Yojana and Rs 60 crores allotted for Atmanirbhar Bagwani Yojana.

Atmanirbhar Krishi Yojana

This plan is the subsumed form of past Chief Minister’s Sashakt Kisan Yojana and Chief Minister’s Samuh Yojana. This subsumed plot gives more push and contains more arrangement of bank credit. Additionally, the Atmanirbhar Bagwani Yojana is the refreshed rendition of Chief Minister’s Sashakt Kisan Yojana.

Meaning of the plans

Both of the plans are interesting on the grounds that both dependent on front-finished sponsorships. Under the plan, credit connection will be given to the recipients by the State Bank of India, Arunachal Pradesh Rural Bank (APRB) and Arunachal Pradesh Cooperative Apex Bank. Under the plan, 45% will be given as government appropriation, 45% as bank credit while just 10% should be borne by the rancher.

How to profit this plan?

To profit the plans, no land report, for example, land ownership testament (LPC) will be needed for SHGs. They simply require straightforward declaration like EAC, CO or BDO concerned. Likewise, there will be no insurance as for individual plans to get advance up to Rs 1.60 lakh. For SHGs, no security will be needed for credits up to Rs 10 lakhs.

Execution of the plans

Plans will be carried out by:

1.State level board of trustees headed by the main secretary and

2.Area level boards headed by the agent chiefs.