Basavaraj Bommai: 23rd Chief Minister of Karnataka


BJP pioneer Basavaraj S Bommai has been chosen as the 23rd boss priest of Karnataka and will make his vow on 28th July, 2021.

Basavaraj Bommai was chosen by the BJP as BS Yediyurappa’s replacement who had left the post on Monday.

Basavaraj Bommai met ex-boss priest BS Yediyurappa just as focal spectator of BJP Dharmendra Pradhan in Bengaluru prior to making his vow.

Basavaraj Bommai was BS Yediyurappa’s home pastor and was among the strong competitors for post of the state’s main priest.

During the council meeting of BJP, BS Yediyurappa proposed Bommai’s name for the post and it was supported by Karjol Ashok Eshwarappa and the wide range of various BJP MLAs.

BJP has moved toward having three vice president pastors in Karnataka’s new government. Govind Karjol, R Ashoka and Sriramalu are the ones who will undoubtedly be designated.

Karnataka so far had 22 Chief Ministers however just three of them had the option to finish their full term.

About Basavaraj Bommai

In the year 2008, Basavaraj Bommai joined the BJP and from that point forward he has rose in the positions of the gathering. Beforehand, he had held the water assets portfolio. By calling, he is an architect and with the Tata Group he had begun his vocation. From Shiggaon situated in the Haveri area of Karnataka, he is a double cross MLC and three-time MLA.