Colombian Butterflies


According to ongoing examination, Colombia is home to world’s biggest assortment of butterflies. It represents 20% of every single known specie.

Colombia is a nation having extraordinary variety of regular environments. It’s anything but an intricate and heterogeneous geology. It is situated in an advantaged area of outrageous upper east of South America. It is limited via Caribbean Sea, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, and Pacific Ocean. It’s rich social legacy is exceptionally impacted by different Amerindian developments, European settlement, constrained African work, and migration from Europe and Middle East.

Global group of researchers characterized 3,642 species and 2,085 subspecies.

They enrolled the species in record named “Agenda of Colombian Butterflies.”

Around 200 butterfly species are found in Colombia.

Venture scientists voyaged broadly in Colombia and dissected around 350,000 photos.

Biodiversity in Colombia

Colombia is one among megadiverse nations. It positions first in bird species. It has around 40,000 and 45,000 plant species representing 10 to 20% of complete worldwide species. It is second most biodiverse nation of the world, following Brazil. Nation has 10% of world’s warm blooded creatures species, 14% of land and water proficient species and 18% of bird species.