International Day against Drug Abuse

No Drugs Composition

Worldwide Day Against Drug Abuse is seen on June 26 consistently to bring issues to light among individuals in regards to perilous impacts of medications and it’s illegal dealing.

This year, International Day against Drug Abuse was seen under the topic ‘Offer Facts on Drugs, Save Lives’. Its thought process is to battle deception by sharing genuine realities on drugs going from wellbeing hazards and answers for world chronic drug usage to confirm based anticipation, therapy and care.

Substance addiction and emotional well-being go inseparably. Individuals dependent on drugs put their actual wellbeing in question as well as lead to serious mental issues. Accordingly, the day becomes importance to make mindful individuals of unsafe effect of medications.

Global Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is a United Nations International Day to battle the hazard of substance addiction and unlawful exchanging of medication. It is seen on June 26, since 1989. Date 26 was chosen to recognize Lin Zexu’s destroying of opium exchange Humen, Guangdong on June 25, 1839 preceding First Opium War in China. The day was organized by General Assembly Resolution 42/112 of December 1987.

Threat of chronic drug use is spreading quick among youth of India. The justification this is, India is sandwiched between two biggest Opium delivering districts of world to be specific, Golden triangle and Golden bow. Brilliant triangle involves Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos while brilliant bow includes Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. According to the report of All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) in 2019, liquor is the most mishandled substance in India. Around 5 crore Indians utilized cannabis and narcotics when overview was directed in 2018.