India gets its 39th World Heritage Site: Rudreswara Temple in Telangana


Rudreswara Temple

which is situated at Palampet, Mulugu area, in the territory of Telangana has been recorded on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. On 25th July, 2021 this choice was taken at the 44th meeting of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee. Ramappa sanctuary was proposed by the public authority of India as its sole selection for UNESCO World Heritage site tag, 2019.

In 1213 AD, during the standard of the Kakatiya Empire, the Rudreswara sanctuary was developed.

This sanctuary was developed by Kakatiya lord Ganapati Deva’s overall Recharla Rudra.

Ramalingeswara Swamy is the managing god of this sanctuary.

This sanctuary is otherwise called Ramappa sanctuary, named so after the stone carver who, for a very long time, executed the work in the sanctuary.

The sanctuary buildings worked during the rule of Kakatiyas have a particular style, enhancement and innovation.

The Ramappa Temple is a display of this exceptional style and thus, it remains as a tribute to the inventive virtuoso of the Kakatiyans.

On 6 feet high star-molded stage stands the Ramappa Temple with columns, roofs and divider brightened with complex carvings that bear witness to the extraordinary expertise of the Kakatiyan artists.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the year 2020s World Heritage Committee (WHC) meeting of the UNESCO couldn’t be led and consequently, the designations for 2020 and 2021 were examined by means of online gatherings. These gatherings are in progress. There are 21 Members in the World Heritage Committee with the current Chair of the Committee being China.